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We have revised the Goldilocks Ecology Book into Part 1, the Goldilocks Ecology Story, and Part 2, Selected Habitats of Southern California. The selected habitats are provided individually to keep the PDF file sizes manageable.

The reason for this revision is because we received feedback that the original Goldilocks Ecology Book (a single file) was sometimes too large to download easily.

Now, the Goldilocks Ecology Story is in one PDF file, and the section on
Selected Habitats has been moved to the end of the book as Part 2. The habitats can be opened and saved individually. This arrangement seems to be working a lot better!

Thank you for your interest
... and check back, as our Goldilocks Ecology website is being expanded, also the e-book may undergo occasional revisions.

Revised Version of the Goldilocks Ecology Book
Part One:
The Goldilocks Ecology Story

Either Click HERE, or on the icon to open Goldilocks Ecology with Adobe Acrobat
(you can save the file to your computer in Acrobat,
or RIGHT-click on the link and choose "save target as" in windows to put a copy of
the revised version of the book on your computer.)
(File size is 8.6 MB)

Revised Version of the Goldilocks Ecology Book
Part Two:
Selected Habitats of Southern California

Kelp Forest (7.2 MB)

Salt Marsh (8.7 MB)

Mountain Meadow (14.6 MB)

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