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How To Order a FREE Copy of Nature Bytes Video
for Your Computer or Public Exhibit

To order a free DVD set of Nature Bytes Video, either the Computer Version or the Exhibit Version, fill out the form below and mail a check for $5.50 to cover postage and handling to:

Naturesway Productions
5706 Baltimore Drive #334.
La Mesa, CA 91942

Expect a DVD set in the mail about two weeks after we receive your check.

If you are copying the program from another party who is already registered please just fill in the form below to register that you have the program. This lets us know where copies are and we can alert you when an update of new movies is available.

Application Form for NATURE BYTES VIDEO Program
Computer Version or Exhibit Version

I request, on behalf of myself or representing (natural history organization or institution, school, museum, park or government agency), permission to use copyrighted materials created by Henry M. Shenkman for non-commercial use.

Select one of the four choices:

I am requesting the Computer Version DVD set for my computer.
(Please send a check for $5.50 to cover shipping and handling.)

I am requesting the Exhibit Version DVD set for a public exhibit.
(Please send a check for $5.50 to cover shipping and handling.)

I am requesting BOTH the Computer Version set & Exhibit Version DVD set for a public exhibit.
(Please send a check for $11.00 to cover shipping and handling.)

I have copied the program from who is already registered with Naturesway Productions.



Street address:
Zip Code:

e-mail address:
Phone #:


Thank you for registering so we can alert you
when new material is available.

Terms of Use

Naturesway Productions and naturebytesvideo.com are the sole property of Henry M. Shenkman. The contents are copyrighted and not for commercial use. These are charities of Shenkman and may be used by schools and non-profits for educational and scientific purposes. All that is requested is that you ask for permission by contacting Shenkman at producer@naturebytesvideo.com before you incorporate material from this website into your program or production. There are no sales and it is not the owner’s intent to compete with those who make a living producing nature media.


  • As this is my own private charity I would like to keep my costs down. Please request one set of the DVD disks for your institution and then share them with those who want to use them. This also saves you postage and handling.
  • I refer you to your computer technicians for information on how to access the flash videos for use in your creative projects. Naturesway Productions does not provide technical advice, however technical assistance is available on an hourly basis through my graphic designer/web developer Bradford "Bill" White. He can be reached at williamzilla@yahoo.com or by phone at 619-229-8757.
  • Periodic updates of new videos will be announced on the website. To receive the update, just send Naturesway Productions the amount of $5.50 to cover shipping & handling.