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"A Video Field Guide to the Natural World!"

This is a legacy creation by me and my naturalist friends who want to enthuse
you with the excitement we feel about the world of nature.

Many of these videos feature Bill Howell, our Naturesway naturalist, Don Albright, our Naturesway geologist and myself, who all bring actual field experiences right to you.
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An overview of this website!

Naturebytes Video features a valued collection of over 500 short videos of our natural world primarily taking place in the southern California region. Each video is an estimated 2 to 5 minutes long with the exception of some which are longer due to their subject matter. Every unique video on this website can be used as a field guide for specific birds, plants, animals, and insects found in a particular place. For your convenience, videos are organized by geographic habitat zones which include, from left to right, coast, inland, mountains, and desert where you can find plants, animals, geology, and natural features within each habitat. Also included are the flora and fauna newly adapted to our urban habitat. Habitats, ecology, and niche theory are further covered in a separate section along with Goldilocks Ecology, a specific method of niche theory investigation developed by Henry Shenkman.

All the videos and information available on this website can be incorporated into classroom programs in many creative ways. This website is an exciting creation for not only naturalists, scientists, and educators but for anyone who loves or is interested in nature and wish to expand their knowledge and appreciation for the incredible world around us. To commence your nature adventure, the bar below the habitat zones takes you to a listing of all the videos on the site and the hummingbirdbird on top corner takes you to the homepage.

New videos and featured videos will be listed here on the home page so that you can keep up with what's new on this site more easily and sample some videos directly from home page.

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